2024 Sungha Jung Live in Singapore


Before purchasing, please click on "My Account" in the upper right corner to register your purchase account! The purchase steps are as follows:

1. Select the type of ticket you want to buy and add it to the shopping cart.
2. Click on the upper right to confirm the shopping cart.
3. After confirming that the type of ticket is correct, please click [ Check Out ]
4. Please fill in your name, Email, and mobile number in detail.
5. Please click to submit your order and complete your pre-order.
6. After checkout, your registered email on the website will receive a payment notice. Please complete your payment within three days after booking the ticket. If you fail to complete the payment within 3 days, this pre-order will be canceled.
*The organizer will select the best seats for customers on a first-come-first-served basis after the customer's payment. The seat number cannot be known in advance.
If the way of ticket purchasing is not agreed, please do reconsider on purchasing the ticket. Sorry for any inconvenience.
7. After the payment has been made by transfer, please send the payment receipt of the bank transfer and the name of the ticket holder to the official WhatsApp account of String Wind Music.
8. Once your order is confirmed, your order status will be changed to completed.
You can check your order status in "My Account" on the right side of the menu.
9. Your registered email will receive a "Confirmation Email”. Please print it out and bring it to the venue on the day of the performance for ticket and signed CD exchange.
10. Please read the ticket purchase instructions in detail before ordering.

If all types of tickets sold on the page are sold out, please go to the Sistic ticketing system to order from (updating).

Ticket prices:
VIP 118 SGD (comes with a signed album and eligibility for a 1 on 1 Photo Session with Artist)